Rick Gerent donating equipment time to grade out parking area and future arena site.

How Can You Help?

Our goal to serve the public is to offer sessions and camps at NO COST to any child or adult that desires to benefit from the ranch experience.

HideOut Pines Ranch is a grass-roots ministry, literally! Horses require a lot of work, time, energy, and yes, funds. The Ranch Board, Program Directors and Volunteers have put forth a list of essential items that go into the operational budget to prepare for next summer.

Types of Donations

Monetary Gift

Monetary gifts provide us the greatest flexibility.

Online Giving

You can securely give a one-time gift or set up monthly or quarterly gifts!

Send via PayPal to or for credit cards use the donate link below.


Mail a Check

Please make your check payable to and mail to:

HideOut Pines Youth Ranch
1663 Harris Rd.

Sheffield Village, OH 44054


Thrivent Choice

We have been listed in the Thrivent Choice program! If you are a member of Thrivent, you can choose to give a personal donation or recommend HideOut Pines Ranch to receive Thrivent Choice Dollars.

To find us, please search for "Hide Out Pines Ranch" in their catalog.


Gift in Kind

We are in the process of creating an Amazon Wishlist. Please check back or contact us through our Contact Us page to be notified when it is available.

If you would like to donate other items or services such as those below, please contact us to discuss the details.

  • Horse supplies
  • Catering a meal for campers
  • Craft materials



Our board is currently developing our sponsorship opportunities. Watch for details on how you can sponsor a child for sessions or a camp week, sponsor one of our 5 horses, or participate as a sponsor of one of our upcoming fundraising events as soon as the information is available.

What Your Donations Mean

"We at HideOut Pines Ranch are overwhelmed with the generosity of those who have shown an interest in this ministry. We have received very vital "in-kind" donations from the generous gift of hay for the winter, a horse trailer, manure spreader, 40 tons of asphalt grindings and trackhoe and dozer time to other gifts that have literally have shown up on our doorstep to meet a specific need."  

"In addition, we have been humbled by the servanthood of many who have given the priceless gift of their time to labor on the property, working on projects that provide a safer, more suitable and friendlier environment for those who come to benefit from the Ranch."

- Scott Doane, Co-Founder


Current Needs

The items below are ones that the ranch will need  this season.  Please contact us to discuss if you wish to purchase and donate any of item(s).  You may also designate an item on the note line on your check or in the "Leave a Note" box on PayPal.

Riding Helmets (safety/insurance-compliant, 1 sm, 1 md) - $45.00 each

Parelli rope halter (Oreo) - $23.00 total

Carrot stick & rope (Oreo) - $40.00

Long training lead (Oreo) - $60.00

Grain (20 bags needed) - $ 12.00/bag

Powdered garlic (5 boxes needed) - $8.00/box
Natural fly repellent and general health supplement

Fly Spray (3 large containers) - $55.00 each

Fence lumber: 

  • 5/4” (10 and 16ft) pressure treated deck boards - $10-16 each
  • 4x4 pressure treated posts for fence post repair - $7.50 ea.

Portable Solar Fence Charger - $100 

Polytape for 500 ft. fencing 2” (1 roll needed for pasture rotation) - $100 

Stone for parking lot (#57, 50 ton needed) - $20/ton

Veterinary Care Fund 
Keeping all of our horses healthy is our high priority.  Several are rescues and may require specialized care for health issues in the future that are not currently known.