A High “Standardbred”

A new horse Ourea Nourrir was welcomed to the HideOut Pines herd on September 23, 2019.  “Oreo”.....was adopted from New Vocations farm in Columbus. New Vocations' goal is to place off-track standardbred horses, after their rigorous racing careers, in homes where they are safe and have a new purpose.

New Vocations farm was thrilled to hear that if Oreo would be placed with us, he would be able to an integral part of the ministry at HideOut Pines Ranch. With the help of Lisa Brizes, a friend and ranch supporter, Oreo was cleared for adoption and brought to the ranch.

He was introduced to the herd and and assimilated wonderfully with Chloe, Jeffrey, Spirit, and Sam. Jeffery especially was thrilled to have another “guy” around! The three mares just love to have another gelding to “mother”!!!

Oreo brings a unique gift to the ranch, both years of experience and fine reputation as a harness racer - he is amazing at driving a cart!

We are currently looking for a used cart and sleigh for Oreo to pull that is safe for children to ride in. Please contact us if you see one around!!